Cookbook Release date Fall 2021

Despite all the obstacles we have faced in the past year, “What DO You Eat?” has grown into a very satisfying project. I get frequent inquiries about when the book will be available. Due to the addition of new material and COVID slow downs we have changed the release to Fall of 2021. Thank you for your patience as we reach the home stretch, and strive to make this book the most valuable tool for navigating your own food adventures.

Foraging for Wild Blueberries

Foraging in winter during COVID-19 can be tricky, but thanks to a friend we managed to acquire the most delicious frozen organic Wild Maine Blueberries.

After signing up through Burke Hill Farm’s website, we met the delivery truck at a local parking lot along with many friends and foodies. We donned our masks (gloves and hats, it was mighty cold) and made our way to the front of the line to drop our payment into the galvanized watering can and receive our allotted boxes.

Once home, we tucked them into the freezer. The next morning we enjoyed the most delicious wild blueberry muffins.